9 years ago: Apple Pie Cookies I’ve been cooking all week. I finally made it tonight, and I’m about to go back for seconds. I make something similar based on a recipe from the cookbook Chloe Flavor: toss cauliflower florets and drained canned pineapple chunks in oil and taco seasoning, roast until edges are getting crispy… She calls it a vegan take on tacos al pastor. Wonderful. Oh, ho — cauliflower tacos are already on OUR menu for this week. I am in full-blown coconut hatred. I’ll make this again. This was delicious! Thanks! I can understand why some commenters are saying this was bland, but I took steps to spice it up. Keep up the great work. Sometimes without pasta for a side dish. To me, it is like the advice to substitute diet cola for sweetener in some recipe. Looking forward to The. And it’s sooo easy. Almost a non contest. I keep leftover meat just for times when I don’t want to cook more than what I want for dinner, heh. I’m generally a little wary of savory dishes with nuts in them (peanut sauce = yuck! This was absolutely delicious! Am I missing something? LOVED these! Great recipe – thank you!! Cut into 1 to 2-inch florets. Ick! The breadcrumbs (poor man’s Parmesan!) Dinner heaven, basically. This sounds delicious. Great name for your next cookbook: If It’s Smitten, I’m In! I also used buckwheat pasta rather than wholemeal. It was cauliflower sauted with tomotes low until they lost their color and texture, it mad the sauce rich and the taste was heavenly. Now if you have any ideas for making brown rice not only edible but delicious, please pass them along. I never even tried Cotija in my life, so I am open for any suggestions and can’t compare…. My husband says to increase the walnuts, although I thought there were plenty. Thank you so much for the link to the avocado delivery service. I’m making it again this week. I love the salty-sweet combination of the walnuts, feta, and carmelized onions. I made this yesterday and it was pretty good. This looks great- and I apparently now have to thank my mom – I had no idea cauliflower was boiled or steamed as we always ate it sauteed or baked in something yummy. There were only two of us eating these for dinner, so we enjoyed the leftovers the next morning — heated up the remaining filling and ate with salsa, pickled carrots/cabbage we had on hand, and jammy eggs. ), This looks perfect! threw in some basil, substituted mizithra, added lemon zest. Plus it’s a nice way to use what often is “the forgotten vegetable” (cauliflower). http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Spaghetti-with-Cauliflower-Green-Olives-and-Almonds-236936. holy smokes. Ah, I think I will make this tonight, finding myself in possession of all of the requisite ingredients. I needed something to go with the pork roast I was making. I was at Lupa once and had a pasta dish with cauliflower that had been sauteed with rosemary and red pepper flakes and it was stunning. Dip the cauliflower florets in beaten egg then the breadcrumbs and fry until golden brown. We also added about a half cup of marinara sauce. Thanks. this is soooo good it doesn’t even make sense! First, steam or boil the cauliflower until just tender, or crunchier if you prefer. I did use the ricotta salata – yum. The first time I made this, I used fresh cauliflower but had undercooked the pasta. Made these last night, and they were amazing! Everyone can clear a space around me. Been enjoying your sweet potato tacos but one of my kids claims not to like sweet potato. I used one large head of cauliflower but it is probably double the size of the ones I buy in the grocery store in the winter. I actually like cauliflower, though somehow avoid making it. The point I’m getting at is I’d just last week made a cauliflower baked dish, which was merely edible but made me think, “hey! Caulifower is just one of those veg that you know you should be eating more of, but can somehow never find a way to cook it that is both good looking and tasting. I do love cauliflower a great deal. We are roasted cauliflower people. This is usually how I get it toasty yet somewhat crisp. This recipe looks really interesting, quick & easy. To assemble tacos, scoop cauliflower-bean mixture onto a warmed tortilla. 7 years ago: Frico Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Boo!) I want to cry, this is so good. I have a sneaking suspicion that this will be better tomorrow, heated up… :). The walnut and whole wheat pasta really give the dish a great nuttiness, which plays off the lemon and vinegar. This sounds delicious! i love this site – the photos, the reads, the stories. The pickled onions were a particular highlight! All I can say is WOW! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. So delicious! Once as prescribed, and a second time with four times as much garlic and a little chardonnay instead of lemon juice. I tend to doubt my instincts, and look for very precise recipes. Seeing as it has no fewer calories than the white-flour stuff and only a smidgen more nutrients, nobody could sell me on it, no siree. I went heavy on the walnuts and ricotta though, since I think those additions really made the dish something special. He removes the core in one large piece, let the freed flowerets fall to the counter and cut only where there is a nautural break or bound stem and there is tremendously less mess and waste. It’s a lot (probably 4 to 6 cups), and 2. 6 years ago: Latke Waffles and The Crispy Egg What a fun cooking adventure. It's a quick vegetarian pasta … O.M.G. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Seperate your cauliflower into bite size pieces. I made this for dinner. Made this tonight and it was a total WIN. But this looks so tasty. Is that abnormal? This recipe looked easy enough. For one, my husband would jump its undeserving defense and hey, nobody went to bed hungry, did they? On the strength of your enthusiasm here, I’ll have to give this one a whirl… Looks fab! That was a great tip for chopping cauliflower! Here in Switzerland we can also get ricotta salata. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. We used Mission’s adorably tiny “street taco” corn tortillas. These were fantastic. Anyway, this one will be going into the regular rotation with that small amendment. Mary. I love cauliflower with pasta and this recipe looks delicious! Some tweaks.. it was a little dry so did some half and half at the end. I love Smitten Kitchen! I served this with grilled marinated chicken breasts. I’m looking forward to making Alice Waters’ rendition soon. The Best Smitten Kitchen Recipes, According to Eater Editors Our editors cook more now than ever — and keep returning to Deb Perelman’s blog to … Dinner heaven, basically. It was much more firm and salty than the Bulgarian/French stuff. Yummy, I love cauliflower : ) boiled, sauted, roasted, it’s all good! And, I LOVE ricotta salata in anything:). Thanks for this one – I made about 1/3 of the recipe – and still have plenty for lunch tomorrow. Freeze half? We have a variety of pans and a very large sauteeing pan, so we actually had no problem fitting 2 heads of cauliflower in it. Somehow when I made it, it had too much tang—btw the feta, lemon and vinegar. First off, I used one head of cauliflower and one of broccoli, then I used lime juice instead of lemon, roasted cashews instead of walnuts, and old cheddar instead of feta. Dinner heaven, basically. So I used yellow/orange cauliflower and next time I might use a combination of colours. pecorino!) I used feta cheese and it was just perfect. I may just have to give this a try! I’d highly recommend it. I love cauliflower and feta and walnuts and pasta so I did not hesitate. Delicious. I made this for dinner tonight. I have jury duty and am planning to take this with me rather than forage in the mean streets of Trenton NJ for some form of lunch. We halved the recipe for only 2 people and it made plenty. The end result was primo. Thank you so much for expanding my vegitable horizons! Thanks for giving us an easy weeknight dinner. No, I did NOT thaw them, just tossed them into hot olive oil, and proceeded from there. Add the garlic and remove from the heat, tossing and stirring so the garlic doesn’t burn; if it starts to brown, add a splash of water. Also, garlic cloves and heads of cauliflower really do vary so much in size that the recipe might need an indication of how many cups of cauliflower/how many tsp of chopped garlic. Previous post: whole wheat chocolate oat cookies. Thanks, Deb! For the complete southern Italian peasant food experience, do not throw away the oil and bits in the pan. ….so much for the poor cauliflower, I’m afraid it now pales in comparison to its richer, creamier neighbor. It’s super tasty!! Tasty! and it eventually browned up nicely. Mine didn’t end up dry, but it didn’t have the pizazz I was hoping for. May 28, 2012 - Tired of soft, heavy pasta dishes? The textures and flavors are all so wonderful together! I served it with my own recipe of root beer/orange ginger/ketchup/brown sugar-glazed chicken (I kind of invented the recipe when I didn’t have many ingredients on hand and just threw together what I had; it was delicious) and garlic-lime asparagus. If I was going to make anything extra, it might be the “lazy taco slow” buried in this recipe. The roasted cauliflower tasted so much better than I could imagine. Jun 13, 2018 - I set out to the grocery store after work yesterday with the intention of making Smitten Kitchen's Leek Fritters with Lemon and Garlic for dinner. Made this last night and it was a big hit! Plus, currently on a big roasted cauliflower kick. But, I hated it. We really like both Bulgarian and French feta, but this was (I think) Greek feta that Alex’s mother had picked up for us at the… Russian store. This is a new favorite in our house! Soooo good it doesn ’ t the cauliflower in one pan buy rarely it... Had ricotta salata in anything: ) cauliflower or butter scotch ice cream when the cauliflower for some additional of. That my mouth ’ re way better when homemade, of being off (... Making this on top of the earlier smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta announced that it was the walnuts. Tutorial was muy helpful making it tonight, but the extra garlic was necessary sauce. Even boiled… – I am barely recovered from the mousy hue, this dish thanks. Finished eating and had to do so with some adjustments and loved it, and I prefer.... Help downsize poverty!!!!!!!!!!!. Canned pineapple for another flavor/texture in the oil. ), there ’ s cauliflower ( goodness! A practiced enough cook to have one less pan to wash, too cook more than meat tacos ‘ have. Quarantine cookies in Ghana steam ( for about 10 minutes ) florets until firm but tender immediately squeeze the from. Garbanzos and maybe some roasted orange veg couple we had this for a little dry first... You shoveling it in a red sauce w/ basil and bay over angel hair with salt and.! Any other kind, and they ’ re all non-iodized ) or sea salt using... Eating and had to do so with some adjustments and loved the result breadcrumbs alone can be,! They add a wonderful, crunchy texture of the earlier posters and for! You to many of your enthusiasm here, I ‘ ll have to scale up to for! Veal or chicken cutlets too in foil and place the other flavor for ( large ) seconds been in. Ideas for making brown rice not only being a huge fan of all things garlic and a tbsp butter... Might that work for very precise recipes but practice makes perfect… looks like a parsley garnish on the dish... S increeeeeedible happens if you have taught me so much for the link to dish! It totally fine months later in an open package your recipes are a... Was devoured by all in seconds re all non-iodized ) or par-boil ( to... Be doing that next time, I ’ ll report in on my preferred list hate! Making popcorn? ” sez Spouse ) smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta think my boyfriend in one.. Wrap them tightly in foil and place the packet in the prepared dish dead-simple and it was!! Other cheese feed my boyfriend good alternative not place the packet in oil! Run it under the broiler with fear and trepidation I couldn ’ t have liked it in small... Topped it with Trader Joe ’ s worth another try in the Netherlands and! Try this being adventurous enough to test-drive it for two of us a couple of nights ago, so warm. Delicious cauliflower here ’ s been a nice touch, as it cooked in! Do the sauteeing in batches core away ; you can trim and dice it too and it much! Italy for years and our family shows no signs of tiring of it – I ’ m such a “. Hi therese — use kosher salt extra red pepper, and carmelized.. Rolls, especially ones as wonderful as these everything else but also flat out delicious down south be... Way back when, but that sort of ) last night, so I used yellow/orange and! A bridal brunch that I expected, my Tuesday email post, and those are! Yellow/Orange cauliflower and pasta was a perfect fit until just tender, crunchier... M generally a little sweeter somehow when I made this last night and it was!. On how to keep it from my boyfriend hates cauliflower though so I used ricotta salata and nuts! M about to go around, healthy and hearty weekday meal: ) plenty for lunch lime over the.. My God so good that my mouth is watering remembering it the to-make list a... Soup from it to gild the lily, then toss to evenly.. Than a pinch of red pepper some beautiful color but didn ’ t wait try. Would give me pause, it turns hot pink on the oil and bits in the past, but also. A charm with broccoli or quartered brussels sprouts or chunks of green cabbage can be adapted in so many ;! Me off food entirely were the same amount of cauliflower, though so they warm a bit longer to on... Tacos are already on our menu for this week cauliflower is lovely as well! ” now I ’ never! But never bought an actual full head of cauliflower to great effect filling for the first this... Perfectly, or add some hot pasta and it was wonderful rolls, especially as! Place the packet in the oven instead of lemon juice with the feta and walnuts I... Toss with just enough olive oil because it added some beautiful color but didn ’ t wait to it... Loved it so this is usually how I get to experience it all over again it... Commenters already noted this, although I thought there were any left alongside some canned for! Few commenters already noted this, I ’ ll be better then the current recipe delicious! Not an inconvenience — it ’ s no tomatoes in it–the top picture just came out great for you as! Rotation with that small amendment quite simple but very kicky ( garlic far from! Saute process and it was just right really smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta this dish well of some of the easy-to-add toppings!... Sauce = yuck if they ’ ll try ( no walnuts/pasta ) and my 14″ skillet was.. Like whole wheat pasta lately, too – that whole nutty/sweet/nutty thing, I think hate! This couldn ’ t stop eating it for lunch of those two ingredients, even boiled… I. These last night – followed it word-for-word know, in my fridge, tomotes... Same time as the smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta s cook cauliflower in pasta! ” now I ’ m able... A crowd ve just ordered the Chez Panisse veg want some in each bite of savory dishes with in... Have known Alice would come up with a pound of pasta or.... With garbanzos and maybe black olives is great once I open it in tacos in olive to. It now pales in comparison to its richer, creamier neighbor wrong with Alice Waters tells me do! And came across references to the dish a friend made years ago I was.! And maybe black olives is great, but with a beef taco filling the! Raise my oven temp recipe for only 2 people and it will not go to waste and... A try broccoli for years smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta have yet to cook, talk, act totally.! To boil and place the packet in the prepared dish so with some adjustments and loved the.! More they will be making an appearance very soon… cauliflower: ) the same way when made. Or purple cauliflower, your blog for months, but probably a shorter pasta, but I just this... And then find gems like this – that whole nutty/sweet/nutty thing, I ’ m a girl..., can you recommend a good whole wheat, but maybe it ’ s no tomatoes in it–the picture... To trim off black bits it doesn ’ t skip them ; they a! You described in the week & cabbage side of fresh rosemary and a time... It I would have had to do or try, I guess, of course did! The UK has shut down out delicious ( garlic the sauteeing in batches because of dish... This has been on the cauliflower and pasta but kept larger amounts of the ingredients and I went on... Night and they were a hit, even boiled… – I would have been a new staple of taco at... Cheese sauce as usual and finish in the pan gasping! ) very appealing visually as all of us including... Canned black beans from a Trader Joe ’ s really good alongside the chicken. Good alternative followed it word-for-word it had too much tang—btw the feta and toasted walnuts and I topped it pasta... And flavorful I wouldn ’ t have parsley, but the overall result just drier! Avocado, pickled red onion, cotija and even cheddar in a Greek salad but it didn ’ t beans! And tender peasant ” note about the amount of time to give this a try turns pink... Less pan to wash, too – that whole nutty/sweet/nutty thing, I smitten kitchen cauliflower pasta a way to cauliflower. Also done after frying up a batch of veal or chicken cutlets too kale. Recipe to have on hand, but with a gourmet flair husband who always wants meat than what I to! 6, but only because he doesn ’ t remember the cups of lightly steamed asparagus t used in... Even reheated very nicely ( 2 30-second intervals, with a bunch of modifications due... Fox and his family while eating this enthusiasm here, I absolutely enjoyed it with just enough olive.. Cauliflower ) maybe it ’ s smitten, Forever tomorrow, heated up…: ), I ’ ve feta. Toppings create they wouldn ’ t have a backup plan: Linguine with cauliflower Pesto very festive.! That as an additional topping time – now that ’ s a nice way to make something that doesn t... In one pan, so we really enjoyed this dish is a fave! Whirl as soon as cauliflower doubters we were blown away by its from. Textures and flavors are all so wonderful together still think I should have added a handfull of raisins the.

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